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We Strive to Offer the Very Best in Service and Advice

Grand Realty Property Management is a company born out of years of experience as Realtors, property owners, property investors, contractors and renters. Our expertise coupled with a diverse and well managed portfolio of properties across the Twin Cities set us apart as leaders in the rental market.

Whether you are looking for a home to rent or an investment for your future, we strive to offer the very best in service and advice to our renters and our owners alike.

Grand Realty - www.grandrealtymn.com

If you're at the end of your time as a tenant and are thinking about buying a property, or if you're looking to build your own rental portfolio, then we can offer our experience as RealtorsC. Our dedicated team, based out of Merriam Park in St. Paul, will work with you, whatever your needs, to make sure your next property purchase is the right one. More information can be found at the link above.

Apartments Minnesota - www.aptmn.com

Grand Realty Property Management is proud to be closely associated with Apartments Minnesota. This collection of refurbished homes around the twin cities area boast all the charm and character that old houses in Minnesota offer, combined with extensive renovations and upgrades that have brought these properties right up to date. Please take a moment to visit www.aptmn.com to view their portfolio.